All hell is going to break loose haha

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I have some goals i’d like to accomplish and for those of you that know me personally know that I won’t stop until I get this all done. (SO YES, all Hell will break loose)

1) I’m trying to get into contact with Mr. Joseph Gordin-Levitt (aka REGULAR Joe, Mr. 500DaysOfSummer, and new Dark Knight Rises star). 

Now you may ask why would you need to contact someone like him?! 

Well I wanted to inform him of the ‘Word On The Streets’ National Book and Magazine Festival in hopes of his appearance. I mean it would be a great opportunity for him to meet writers from the North of the border lol and great for us to meet one of the most ambitious minds creatively. I ALSO want to speak with him about a personal project I have (THE CONTINUATION OF ATRUM)

2) Redesign the Atrum cover from the lovely drawing I have done already.

3) AND MY FINAL “goal” is to write the sequel (starting now) and also during the Fall. I’m trying to push my borders so I’ll be taking my time with this piece of writing in hopes that it is my largest art piece. Maybe Joe will even give me a helping hand with ‘Atrum’. Wouldn’t that be something?

Created: Jul 02, 2012

Tags: toronto, visual artist, joseph gordon levitt

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