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-One little thing & it all comes rushing back
Like flooding water to my face.
My brain overflows in thoughts,
And my heart constricts under all its weight.-
Undated Notecard.

-Dark Glow Glow Dark Glow
Find a parking lot we'll play our favorite songs
The lightning bugs say hello
And you'd hold my hand where it belongs
Did you know they shined since they were born?
Yes, my necklace will tell you all about shields and keys
And femme fatale fireflies don't care to warn
Mountain tops Frozen lakes Hollow trees
I'd put them in jars to make sure they survive
You remember don't you? They can't be misplaced
Cause they didn't know she'd eat them alive
Here, I'll show you you put it in ink just so it couldn't be erased
They never tried to get away
Pull me close I'll fall asleep
Bioluminescence was my nightlight I'd let them stay
I knew you'd try to wake me but I was in too deep
I'd set them free in the morning, wings unfurled
Just lay with me, lay with me, I'm cold and curled
But those fireflies they lit up my world.

You did the same. -

Created: May 15, 2010


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