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It’s funny. I haven’t had a night like this in a while. Yes, I usually struggle to fall into slumber at regular time, but this is beyond normal. In a few short hours the brilliant sun will trickle up above the horizon and the rays will shine rainbows across my room as they travel through the prisms of old raindrops that still remain on my window from the storm. It’s always interesting this time of night. It’s quiet, and peaceful. Easy to do some much needed thinking and re-evaluating. However, I don’t seem to have much evaluating to do and all I can really think about is how strange it is that in different parts of the world people are doing different things.

For instance, on the West Coast, people are settling into a deep slumber (unless they are like me, in which case are most likely staring at their ceiling wondering when or if they’ll be whisked away to dreamland tonight). Then on the far East Coast, some will just be waking up, starting a new day. In the U.K many will already be about an hour into their work, or studies. Then in South Africa, they’ll be starting to think about what they are going to eat for lunch. In Australia, it’ll be just about dinner time. Meanwhile way over on the Christmas Islands, it’s already past 10:30 at night for them. They’ll be settling into their beds to get ready for the next day.

It’s crazy really.

The birds have started their daily songs. I don’t mind it. It has a calming effect as I lay here wondering how much longer I have until the sun starts to rise.

I just googled it. I have 1 hour and 25 minutes until sunrise. There’s a fantastic chance that I won’t fall asleep before then, seeing as I’m still wide awake.

I sort of have this urge to go wandering the streets. It’s a shame really that it’s no longer safe to stroll along the street at the wee hours of the morning. It would be nice to take a walk down to my favourite spot,  lay down a blanket, and gaze at the sky and watch the dark, navy sky transform into radiant colours of gold, lilac, and pink. If I wasn’t alone, I would go no problem, but that’s not the case.

I’m tired of spending my nights alone really. Technically I’m not alone, as I have my parents here, but that seems to make it feel even lonelier. My best friend is here once in a while, or the two of stay elsewhere (either her parents’ place or her boyfriend’s place), but I’d rather have my own place (with my best friend obviously), set my(our) own rules, walk my own way. Y’know?

I guess I’m just feeling lonely, because it’s so early in the morning, and the only people awake to talk to live on the other side of the world. It would also be nice to be able to cuddle someone other than my dog sometimes… but that’s just the weirdo in me talking.

Hmm I feel as if I’m beginning to just ramble on about things that most people don’t really care to know about. And it’s true really, but I don’t care if nobody really takes an interest in this. I just feel like writing it all down. Keeps me sane.

The birds have stopped. Now it’s just me, the silent streets, and my busy head.

The streetlights are still on as well.

I remember when there were no streetlights to be found for a long time on my road. Back when it was merely a dirt road, in the middle of farm country. The land behind my house belonging to the farmer, who let his cattle roam right up to our back fence. When the creek and meadows were filled with wildlife and creatures that don’t come around anymore. Everything was so simple then. But if things hadn’t changed, I wouldn’t be where I am now, so I’m grateful.

I do miss being able to see the stars though. Tonight it’s much too cloudy anyway, but back then, you could see almost every single star shining brightly down on you. We would count how many shooting stars we would see, and make wishes beyond our wildest dreams. Now, you can see only the brightest stars, the rest being washed out by the bright city lights. It’s strange, driving home at night and seeing the bright haze, dome over the town. You can always tell when you’re coming home from the country. Coming home from the open air.

Looks like I’ve got another hour before the sun rises.

It’s times like these when I reminisce about my time in South Africa. It tends to happen a lot. Just a phrase, or picture, or even a certain building or scene will bring back memories.

I’m rather fond of that place really. The people are beautiful inside and out, and I fell in love with the land! The ocean, the mountains, the trees, everything there is so magnificent. I can’t wait to go back.

But thinking about South Africa then leads me to thinking of all the other places I am planning on travelling to. (I say planning and not hoping because it is going to happen one way or another).

First there’s a whole trip my best friend and I are hoping to do (multiple trips really). Next spring (so 2013) we’re going to travel through New Zealand, Australia, and a few other places. Then a few months after that we’ll be spending about a month or two seeing what Europe has to offer our crazy, adventure seeking souls. I want our trip after Europe to be to go back to South Africa so I can show her the beauty in the country, as well as visit the wonderful kids I had the honor of teaching them as well as learn from them. Who knows where we’ll end up after that.

Sometime I plan on visiting India, and Costa Rica (again), and then many countries in South America.

Okay change of though pattern here (again); I’m pretty hungry. I’m thinking of grabbing some leftover Pizza from the fridge.

Back with some delicious pepperoni, bacon and sun-dried tomato pizza, a glass of milk, and cookies. Yum!

I think I’m going to leave you here though, feeling a bit creative and might play around on the Uke for a bit.

Happy trails.


Created: Jul 01, 2012


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