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The Astronaut-Saint

Oh(!), how the reveries and memories swell as I sit here on a no-name barstool;

Mid-day Monday,

Patsy Cline is singin’ to me as I write this;


A tonic-no-gin is where I begin this story…

It took a long time to get to this point in my life but I got here all the same.

I dare not ring the victory bell quite yet, nor should I throw in the towel.

I had squandered love and life,

I had run with fools and thieves, hookers and hooligans,

I made love to angelic women with flowers in their eyes

And crowns of thorns perched pleasantly upon their feminine wiles.

I have been tried and torn and hung and reborn.

There are many stories to tell, and I shall tell them all in due time.

I think it only fair to introduce myself first; I am the Astronaut-Saint.

I was born in the belly of a wintry goddess beast with razor teeth and I love her.

She was life.

She was sacrosanct in her own right,

She, who braved desolation Minnesota year after year.

She, who stood sullen and depressed, fighting to live for her and for her offspring;

In the plains of golden Kansas wheat fields,

Sunflowered hills and dreams of eternity, dreams of love…

She mothered me the only way she knew how.  

Mother’s milk was love; it was and always will be love.

‘Love is the only thing you need to survive.’ She once told me.

I wear that truth with pride.

It is that single truth that has kept me alive all this time.

It is that single truth that led me to sainthood.

Created: Jul 01, 2012


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