RE: Departures

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TheSerpentTheCharmer's record "Departures" is a masterfully rich audio record that we would love to turn into a short film.

We'd love to hear where the community feels this project can go, so you can contribute your records to the Departures Collaboration here:


Here's how you can contribute to this collaboration:

* Conceptualize TheSerpentTheCharmer's record into a short film any way you see fit

* Illustrate storyboards

* Make a shot list of visuals paired with corresponding text

* Create an animated video storyboard

* Write a text record treatment outlining your video ideas

* Add additional sounds or musical compositions to the reading

* Film footage for the short film

* Curate an album of records you think would be great for this short film


We're excited to hear what the community thinks of this record!


Created: Jun 29, 2012


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