Inability To See

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Inability to See
by Wyatt short

One simple word released from her at ease; hit me hard, knocked me down, brought me to my knees. I am unable to propel back to the top: staggering, stumbling, unable to prop myself up.

No, this isn’t a melodramatic attempt to deliberately parade around and convey my lament. It is the truth that be true to the word that is “goodbye” – maliciously aimed to bring tears to my eyes.

I knew it had ended, I knew she would leave; I knew in my heart that we were no longer we.

What was said, what was done, I cannot recall; the illusive memory that would explain our fall.

But I know she has gone. She has left me to me. In a way she has won – won my heart, won my soul, won my entirety.

A half empty heart is what I am left to anchor; take my heart, take my soul, take it all, Creator.

This is a fate that I did not foresee; though if I could retell why she has left I believe I would comprehend that the pain in my chest is a pain of my own doing and an end fit for I. Though I wish I could retell why I lost my love and met this demise.

My inability to see with closed mind and thus closed eyes has led me to this end that I will now embrace – because I owe her the respect and the gratitude to bow before her and remember that the love we shared was tainted and therefore not true. But love is not past tense; hence, regardless of what you may believe,

I love you; you were the key to my chest.

My worst.

And even in death, I will always remember that you brought out my best.

Created: Jun 29, 2012


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