The Iris In The Median

By clevernapkins

this is the iris in the median.
this is standing against the pattern.
(you are a liar with your windows down)
this is adoration.
this is lying without hesitation.
(you fill a void in the universe while I'm dislodging bullets from the passenger seat)
this is panic. this is panic. this is panic
(we stand silently ignorant)
this is plotted defiance.
(you take the defensive while I am pleading for all sirens)
this is desecration.
this is isolation drowning in the doorway.
this is violence isolated.
this is chemical disturbance.
(you take the initiative while I attempt silence)
this is resolution. the beginning. the end.
(you clear the path and I will (I will) cover it)
this is sleep deprivation.
this is. break. dream.
turn it down. turn it off. turned around.
The problem with burning bridges is all that fucking smoke.
The problem with privileged information is when it takes control.

The Iris In The Median

Created: May 13, 2010


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