By clevernapkins

I've been brought into a maddening world stricken with ideals so ridiculous still I'm often ridiculed. being bedridden with grief, moving objects to induce sleep, making tables into light posts just to avoid the storm. messages from across the street whispering, please don't leave, please don't leave me. hours turning into weeks moving fluid like a dream that I wish to leave but the visions continue manifesting. creeping like a vein coursing through my face with the destination fixed on a moment left to fate. a vision in white across a table fit for two. remember the sound of the honeymoon. photographs I'll never see replayed with an opener I will not soon forget. your mind is as sharp as your tongue still you're missing the meaning. when footsteps hush in your hallway, when rain slides through every opening, tell me what it is you are missing, tell me what it is that you are missing. a moment or a lifetime.


Created: May 13, 2010


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