Dream REdux

By MattConley

I found the end of tlee's "Dreams x inception" particularly interesting, for he says "Hopefully tonight I can make my way back again." The tone of his voice is fascinating as he discusses returning to the dream, and I think he conveys that thought in a way that made for a great audio sample.

Don't we all have that dream every now and then that we'd do almost anything to return to?

With this RECord, however, I wanted to find a visual that wasn't that of a cheerful dream. More of a destructive one.

I guess that's one of the key components to the art of the REmix. We're able to get from tlee's recollection about his dream girl to him suddenly wanting to return to a dream about breaking stuff. The possibilities are always so endless here...

Dream REdux

Created: May 13, 2010

Tags: flying, awakening, baseball bat, guy, dreaming, face, dreams, black, desturction, dark, mattconley, haunted, destruct, haunting, shattered, swinging, dream, glass, remixed, liquid, edit, water, 6, voice over, talk, vo, bat, narration, bleak, confession, narrate, back, sleeps, return, man, remix, shatter, music, slow mo, sample, slow motion, audio, wake, matt, dissolve, conley, recall, hd, shattering, high def, sleep, high definition, reflection, slo mo, bottles, slow, nightmare, outfit, swing, inception, asleep, milk, again, tlee, bottle, narrator, terrifying, editing, sleeping, speed, horror, wake up, break, crack, apart, waking, mirror, recollect, terror, smash, batter, fly, six

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