Damsel in distress

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Damsel is in distress. She talks to the birds and the birds tweet her messages to the villagers below the tower to come and save her. But no one shows up. They are scared of the Red Dragon. The Red Dragon has a red button on its nose. If a brave man can push the red button, then the damsel will be saved. Unluckily, the bravest man in the village does not has a bird that tweets, so he does not know that the damsel needs his help. One day, that bravest man walks under the tower, he is looking for his missing bird. When he looks up he sees the damsel in distress is crying for his help but then the Red Dragon comes and hits him using the nose. The red button is pushed and the damsel is not in distress anymore. She falls right into the bravest man's hands and they live happily ever after.  

Created: Jun 25, 2012


Nine9 Document Media