By suckerpunch

this is my uncle who died on december 3rd, 2009 (of cancer). these are the fish he gave us, a long time before that and this is him on his last visit to our home (alive, his ashes soon sat on that windowsill months later) tending to them. i took this photo and if you can look around you can see bits of my artwork as a child (try to find them!) and some of my grandmother's old things. she passed away over ten years ago now. this house is over 50 years old and it was built for my grandparents and their family. i was raised primarily by my grandparents in this house and my aunt, but my mother is a small part of my life and my uncle was my best father figure. it isn't my best work - but the funny thing is that he really did not want his photo taken that day!

kill cancer before it kills more people.


Created: May 13, 2010

Tags: uncle, cancer, fishtank, dark, photo, love

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