Why beds have 4 legs

By sophierumi

My mom told me this when I was little,and I hated to get up in the morning(I still can't.)

but in hungarian,it was rhyming.maybe someone can turn it to a tiny poem or story?

it's just a quick sketch,but I think this could be a great story,maybe an animated film,you know,the legs of the bed could turn to real legs or something.I like the feeling when dreams mix up with reality.I imagine an animation/comic about that.Maybe the bed finally carries her/him/them to school?Whats the reaction of the classmates and teachers?

anyway,it could be a funny/dreamy/bizarre  comic/animation/short film.

I can draw phases.not sure I can put them together,but..I can draw them:)

Why beds have 4 legs

Created: Jun 23, 2012

Tags: sophierumi drawing bed morning animation

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