Bat Blog 4 (tonight)

By ktbt

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

i want to reduce myself to half your size so i can justify my tacit tendencies.
a suggestion, all that i offer,
severely selected and thoughtlessly neglected
perhaps for the nuisance of excess thought.
come out into comfort so that you may solve and resolve--
my lips growing ever contingent on the feeling of the other, or another's.
i must let my body diminish so my dependence can flourish.
i must let my mouth proceed before my thoughts impede.
please, comfort, come over me,
either through uniformity
or the ability
to not over-think, or over-eat, or complain, or ramble, or bore.
i offer myself through a slight suggestion and reclaim myself through fear, fear, fear.
i will concentrate, for now, on comfort and lightness
and perhaps i'll be taken,
with you or with the wind.

Bat Blog 4 (tonight)

Created: May 12, 2010


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