The Sorrow Bird (Page 4)

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In my collaboration "Spiderlimbs and Eerie Things" I challenged all the crontibutors to consider coming together with our creepy stories and illustrations to create a graphic novel. A graphic novel is the perfect collaboration project as it necessitates a writer, penciller, inker, letterer, and colorist.

In the case of this first story I have filled in as penciller and inker, just to get the ball rolling, and obviously, Metaphorest was the writer of the poem "The Sorrow Bird". Now all that is needed (for this story, at least) is a letterer and colorist. Help me out guys! (Or start your own penciller/inker steps by choosing another story in the collab.)

If you want to take on either of these jobs, download the zip file of all the pages!


Panel 1: It empties you of all your breath

Panel 3:And turns your living into death

Created: Jun 23, 2012


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