Rough Deal (I Am 1954)

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Thank you so much I am 1954!






Vocals: I Am 1954

Music by:  William G.

Lyrics by:  William Gallego & Victor Velez.


So you think your life’s hard now.


Boy you’ve got one coming…


It'll be over - before you know it...


Man that’s a rough deal.


There’s this girl over there you see she’s got one coming


And she’s know nothing...but she’s knows there’s this you see


Her days are spent worrying


Man, that’s a rough deal.


It’s a mystery to me how most get through


     But then there’s no one looking out for you


Man, that’s a rough deal


When some ones heart’s beating next to you,


And you still feel left with nothing.     


Man, that’s a rough deal...


  Don’t give me a rough deal 


Won’t take that rough deal


Her heart can’t take it anymore


She wants no sympathy, Then don't look for me  


 I  just wanna help!


When there’s no one looking out for you and the


tears stream down your face


Just remember, you’re not the only one


With a rough deal


I’ve got a rough deal.


He’s got that rough deal.


Don’t want that rough deal


Fuck that rough deal…

Created: Jun 21, 2012


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