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I’m writing this from a cage,
Filled with oceans and states,
Millions of people by my side,
All bearing different fates,

I’m writing this from a prison,
Holding mountains, fields and cities,
Most people do not even know they are
Behind a lock that has no keys,

I’m writing this in a holding cell,
Til I’m moved to my next room,
It will captivate me for a little while,
Til I’m haunted by its’ gloom,

I’m writing this from my bedroom,
In the penitentiary that is this world,
I know there must be more out there,
Than this place where we’ve been furled,

I’m writing this from my crazy head,
Dreaming of what’s out there to find,
But since I’m locked here in this prison,
I’ll create those worlds with my mind.

Created: Jun 21, 2012

Tags: creativity, locked, worlds, trap, prisoner, writer, caged, crazy

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