Gibberish (The Break up)

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Soooo, I thought I could leave things at the randomness of my first Gibberish remix, but noooo, I had to have a writing spirt during down time at work. sigh.


Giving up on communication

Giving up on reaching you

Giving up on spinning words out

On you on you


Stepped outside of your understanding

Outside of a two part crew

You’re on your own now

Single handed

Uh oh uh oh


Piece it together

Why we’re now apart

Repo-ed my words

And my tainted heart

Jumpin ship before it sinks in

Uh oh uh oh


Waters rising as you go down

Can’t place the rhythm

Of this new found sound

Can’t keep the tempo of song that’s done

Uh oh uh oh



If you can’t take no more of his gibberish?

 Uh oh uh oh

 Take the advice of a girl from O- HI –O    


Stop your talking to him

Created: Jun 21, 2012

Tags: ashes2ashes

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