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a couple years ago, at this recording studio i used to do some session guitar work at, they had stowed away a little Sears Rhythm-Matic, one of the early analog drum-machines, made originally for those Wulitzer/Hammond-type electric organs. Apparently, they're from the 1970's, but i couldn't find any real further info other than that. this little sucker's a bit obscure.

i plugged it up into my little PreSonus TubePre v2 (christened "The Evelasting Gobstopper"), fed into the speaker monitors, and THIS is what came out of it.

for electronic music-enthusiasts, such as myself, it was like opening a bottle of 100 yr old wine...... and pouring my ears a glass.

i later used some of these for my REmix of 'Everything Is On Fire"

anyhoo. here's the RAW RECording of the different rhythmic variations the little guy offered, for use in any suitible REmixing, presented in high quality 24/48 WAV format.

the tempo here is 90bpm, but try other tempos as well, if you know how to.

each is 16-bars long, which allows for easy looping use.

the rhythms, in order, are:

6/8 bass
6/8 bass/snare
3/4 waltz
4/4 rock 
4/4 "four to the floor"
3/4 pre-warped waltz

happy REmixing.

Created: Jun 20, 2012

Tags: analog, drum loop, drum machine

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