The Beach (Raw Footage)

By MattConley

I shot a variety of b-roll footage at Gooseberry Island in Westport, MA yesterday for anyone looking for static shots of the ocean, grass, waves, sand, or rocks.

This could come in handy for anyone looking to do a dream project involving water.

The Beach (Raw Footage)

Created: May 10, 2010

Tags: pool, water, land, rock, ocean, sky, waves, clouds, field, liquid, editing, movement, collection, b-roll, air, wind, in, outside, tidal, sun, wave, dark, out, abstract, current, resource, pebbles, random, sleeping, bubbles, back and forth, nature, distance, blue, day, life, birds, sunset, building, hd, rocks, breeze, bird, coast, cloud, edit, sway, shore, compile, atmosphere, footage, tide, structure, beach, sleep, dreaming, eddy, outdoors, camera, stock footage, asleep, environment, sand, wake, b roll, afternoon, dream, grass, waterfront

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