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The Creator

By MattConley

Perspective is one of our greatest attributes as human beings. It is far more important than we may even realize.

chriswonders' "Final Breaths of a Main Character" is the type of refreshing perspective on the world, and its possibilities both in reality and in imaginary form, that I love to discover here on the site.

It is a spectacularly shot video about a character who creates a fantasy world with a pencil, a piece of paper, and his imagination. And what unfolds is beyond fascinating. The visuals capture a sense of adventure, danger, and pure childhood fantasy.

I fused that together with the instrumental section of Afroskeleton's "Used To" and book-ended the piece with two spoken snippets of kellibean's "If."

The Creator

Created: May 09, 2010

Tags: fantasy, life, flow, water, rise, song, birds, sketch, asleep, art, sleep, drawing, aquarium, sun, salute, red, create, light, bedroom, tree, paper, trees, raven, boat, perspective, mast, bird, ship, surface, close, flag, face, woods, eyes, instrumental, give, visualize, video, fish, attack, creation, guitar, journey, music, glow, draw, circle, old man, dreams, remix, man, fight, dream, interpret, dreaming, ocean, aqua, vultures, divers, river, sea, save, visual, up, brain, sheet, artist, mind, adventure, diver, receive, pencil, zoom, yellow, rescue, wave, beat, escape, bed

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