Who wants to make a froggy story with me? :D

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Well, everyone knows about the story "The Princess and The Frog", right? It's basically about a princess who kisses a frog and he turns into a human prince. What if we reversed that story, and made the prince kiss the princess frog? This is my short story thing, you can add on to it or change it completely <3

The Frog and The Prince

Braggarte the frog is a very beautiful amphibian. She ruled the lands of Phib Country; she promised everyone of Phib Country that she'd grant them luxury, food, and many more; it was all a fib. Now, everyone was stuck with Miss Braggarte. She was very well-known, but not well loved. She cared nothing but for herself, boasting about her fine-green skin, her thick, black hair, her riches & more. No one could tell her otherwise, until the week before her 16th birthday. 

Created: Jun 15, 2012


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