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why did it end and not return

left in black coal fields billowing clouds

blot out the sun

traces of hardship imbedded in the heart

with no relief we let ourselves go

tremble the trauma and unsightly sea

grey  and churning

the tail o' cat of memory against our backs

loves lashes come to submerge us

why cant why cant we see

another way out fron present reality

married together in ruin

breather the decay

smoke chimeys claw the grey sky

crow caws carry the pain

lost little ones sobbing to death


of unspeakable sins

stain the age and do not relent

release myself to your hands and no other

lay a lament at the doorsteps of tragedy

cluck the stone angels feet and howel like

a grief stricken beast

still no relief

burden to bare

though we all lose our grip


and through it all we both lose our grip



Created: Jun 15, 2012


claurio Document Media