PlayTime (Inception Dream Doc)

By atomsonbroadway

Just wanted to add this for consideration to the dream documentary. The music might be a little too uptempo for the spirit of the project but the opening lines are literally based on dreaming about teeth falling out so I thought it was appropriate. Plus there are other references to sleeping and dreaming in general throughout the song.


Now every time you REM your eyes to me
Do you mean to dream electric sheep
But end up counting teeth?

Because there are no reasons to be out
No reasons to be bound ground down around woe
And there are no reasons to be out, no reasons to be down

I was thinking about leaving but
I don’t know what I would do without you

And it's no wonder why
Every time you close your eyes
You think there’s something wrong
Its cause you’re living a lie

Okay, oh yeah, I guess, alright
Yeah, so what, I live for strife
Yeah, you know she’s not my wife
And I can leave any time


I will be with you today
I might be there when you wake
I won’t be there when you sleep
Lost intangible in the deep
Recesses of your mind
Chalk outlines define playtime
And I’m hopping over bodies
That could have been mine

I wanted to be like Tony Leung
In 2046 after losing Maggie Cheung
I’d spend my whole life putting my secret into holes
But that would be cheating and far worse cheating as far as cheating goes


PlayTime (Inception Dream Doc)

Created: May 08, 2010

Tags: dreams, atoms on broadway, dream doc, inceptions

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