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Flying Dream

By Metaphorest

Inspired by the current dreamy happenings.

Okay so my production skills leave a lot to be desired...eek...have zipped up the tracks and uploaded in the hopes someone will make a better version!

Flying alone,
Rising unknown
To the waking world I left

Hovering above everything,
I am a king
Of this new skin I’m in

I am a sleeping kite
I am lucid dreaming
I will not pinch myself
I am a microlite
Gliding, floating by the ceiling

I am not coming down tonight

Altitude, wings clipped I drop
Naked and lost
I am falling, falling while
The monster leaps,
Snaps at my feet,
I drop in defeat,
I’ve forgotten how to fly

Wake up (x3)

Wake me up from my nightmare before the monster wins
Wake me up I can’t get anywhere without my wings

Flying Dream

Created: May 08, 2010


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