Is For Horses - Terminal 5i

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This is Probably one of my favourites off of the "Sleep Eaters" album.

The song is about our character that is exiled into a dream world where only the immoral people dream. i.e. serial killers,
but as for our character she is pulled into the mind of a schizophrenic child. She is tortured and pulled through some of the worst images and nightmares she could ever see.

The story goes on to how she figures out that if she relieves herself of these nightmares by giving this child her state of consciousness that it would cure her schizophrenia. However for this to happen, our sleep eater, must kill herself.


I know it's a bit weird and also pretty sad, but this is really just a tiny part of the story. If anyone is interested in possibly some dark/twisted, Or even happy and colourful artwork I would most definitely use it in the booklet of art that will be released along side the CD.
your names will be cited and if there's ever any sales you would always be entitled to a portion :)


Created: Jun 14, 2012

Tags: electronic, dark, isforhorses, story, instrumental, ambient, sleep eater, concept, experimental, demo, is for horses, glitch

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