mister jane

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i loved you

you loved me

but there was someone you'd never leave

you see,

she would light up around you

she would let you have her whenever you wanted

she was green, i was green with envy

her name was mary jane

she's always had your heart 

ever since the start

i knew i shouldnt have gotton involed with you

you care about me, but miss jane too

when we're having problems, you go to her and she comforts you

something i could never fully do

you'd go to her and she'd give you amusement, relaxation 

id give you just wild sensations

does mary mean more to you than me?

she's not even a real person, she's fucking grass

well, have fun sexin' that grass up 

sittin' in your room doing nothing with that cottonmouth

i wish it was on my lips, but you'd rather blow her away

it's okay, you've lost me anyway,

mister jane


Created: Jun 13, 2012


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