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"Beat 714" is this ill jam by Robo J that recently got taken to the next level when vocalist ibkellymorris hopped on. Now we're calling out to ALL MUSICIANS to bust out your instruments.

We'd also like musicians to RECORD TWO DIFFERENT PASSES (one playing along to the rhythm and the other a straight-up solo)


Please contribute your high quality isolated .WAV audio stems to the collab here:


Here is what we need:

HORN PLAYERS: We'd like to get some Trumpet, Baritone Sax, and Trombone onto the track.

PERUSSIONISTS: You can add to the rhythm by adding some Bongos, Baracas, Shakers, and Congas.

ORGANISTS: We're thinking something like a B3 Hammond Organ or a Rhodes Keyboard would sound sick on this song.


There's less than a week to finish this track so it's time to break out those musical instruments and let 'em rip!




Neighborhood of F minor with a tempo of 93bpm

The main chord progression is based around a descending F minor pentatonic riff:

: F minor
C minor
A-flat (Major)
Fm - Cm :

There's a little turnaround that leads back to the main progression, which is in C minor throughout

The breakdown is all F (no major/minor, but it leans on a major)

Here's the format according to the time duration of the track:

0:00 - 0:10 drum intro 

0:10 - 0:20 main riff (1 time through) 

0:20 - 0:50 verse 1 

0:50 - 0:56 turnaround 

0:56 - 1:16 chorus (2 times) 

1:16 - 1:56 verse 2 

1:56 - 2:01 turnaround 

2:01 - 2:43 breakdown*

2:43 - 3:22 chorus (4 times)**

3:22 - 3:27 turnaround 

3:27 - 4:07 chorus (4 times)**

4:07 - 4:12 turnaround 

4:12 - END (first measure of breakdown***)

Created: Jun 13, 2012


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