Underwater Discovery

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Created: Jun 11, 2012

Tags: digital artist, underwater, deaded due turnipman turnipwoman woman women girl girls black white blackandwhite movement mov moving motion gesture cannibalism signe lemhagen gesture carrot parsnip starving hungry have blast jest jesting joking rotten putrid naughty odd cruel fate nasty ugly grim face grimace vegetarian cannibalize cannibal cannibalism pulp bananas cuckoo dopey dopy flaky flick wacky wacko x • black humor cap hat no yes wrinkles humour x • death blood bloody insane fun funny horrible paper penn pencil fred ghoulish dismay thriller x • syrsan fashion feminism feminist girl woman fruit drawing outline design sketch crazy mad tasty strange queer curious nuts whimsical weird bizarre x • they said chew chewing chewed macabre tiny poem story text brace suspender suspenders hair wild angry eat root vegetable salad lettuce toast x • the man with a turnip for a head is dead to se how life hangs by a thread and it is very sad oh! this is bad he was most certainly, swimming costumes, dance music

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