Morning Routine

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He awoke.

And as he did so, he shook off the dream that he had been having. Something about being in a wheelchair. And… Disneyland. He squinted in frustration, and felt around blindly on the shelf above his head for his glasses. His spectacles in hand, he applied them to his face and his eyesight sharpened dramatically.

He looked up out of his basement apartment to the one window that receives actual sunlight. The sky was starting to glow a bit from the almost risen sun, and he could tell he was up very early. He narrowed his eyes to see in the low light of his studio apartment, and saw on his clock thatit was a little past 6am.

He decided that he was well rested, and arose from his bed. The humidifier, the one thing that kept him asleep most nights, gurgled and hummed with the producing of a fine mist that filled the room. He laughed at the swamp that pictured in his mind. He laughed a little too hard, and coughed.

He coughed again harshly, still recovering from a bout of Bronchitis. “I’m never smoking again,” he said, rubbing his chest. He felt the tubes in his lungs burning whenever he coughed, and along with the rattling of the mucus inside. He prepared a cup of coffee, and flopped down hard into his office chair.

He waited for his computer to boot up, as he sipped the cold coffee. He welcomed the flavor whole heartedly. Coffee to him wasn’t just about the perk of caffeine, he enjoyed the flavor. Granted, there was much milk and sugar added, but only enough to help the dryness of the coffee. He sighed with relief and took another larger sip.

Created: Jun 11, 2012


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