Malibu [Pammy Rap]

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Thought I'd give it a go!

Stems in the results!




City of angels I salute you, pay homage

On your knees in the spotlight, you've come of age

Show what's best of you, the rest of you

Keep it off stage

You'll follow through, you'll know the truth

Summertime, live your youth


Summer of love, come on Romeo, show me yours

And I'll show you mine, so chilled I'm horizontal

Lay back in the 'Wood made of glory and fame

Blood sweat tears so glad I came



Left all my pain in the tracks in the road

Misused, old news, nothing left to lose

Broke my thumbs, hitchhiked to a dream

All the way, so glad I came to LA

My city of dreams so pleased to meet you 


So glad I came to LA

Seal it with a handshake so glad to meet you LA





Cruising on my own steam

You got nothing on me

I decide my own liberty

Nothing comes for free

I see now, the mean road

Crawled down on my knees all the way now

To live now, this is where I shine now


Put my hands in the imprints of the ones before

Cos I know in my heart I've got so much more

To offer myself than what's in my past

This summer, this heat, California I'll last


And ever

Keep it in the rear view

Throwing all my worries out as I pass Malibu

Onwards, upwards, my history won't define me

A microscopic part of what I was born to be


Sitting by the ocean, my future's in motion

Let the waves wash my hands clean

It's time to begin, to commence

No second chance I've come all this way

So glad I came to LA


Created: Jun 09, 2012


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