Welcome To The Big Time featuring Ashes2Ashes

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I created a third verse towards the end because I think it would be really cool if we had a guest rapper come in and mix it up a little bit. It would be cool for the rapper to kind of follow the same vibe and lyrical content that's going on already. It's kind of a fun over the top baller vibe for the music but then the lyrical content is rather bittersweet. So you could rap about the positives and negatives about being rich and famous and hitting the big time. But ultimately fuck me and do whatever the hell you want. haha

Also the last few seconds accidentally got cut off when I bounced the song because I'm an idiot. But that's OK because this isn't the final version so I'll just leave it be. The focus of this upload is to get someone to do a rap over that open verse anyway. Or it doesn't have to be a rap. You could totally blow my idea out of the water and just sing over it or whatever.  

I made this beat from chopping up and sampling different parts of the MMM score. In fact every sound from the beat except the kick drum and high hat are from the MMM score. 

Ashes to Ashes wrote these awesome lyrics and did these really great vocals and then I remixed the song again and now this is what we got.

Created: Jun 09, 2012

Tags: rap, hip, fun, hop, r&b, pop, song

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