Malibu with one verse

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i just did one verse(short 2 bars, but i'm working on it now). may or may not work. let me know. lyrics:


got the summertime blues, so it's high time that i do me.

headin south to california, the land of opportunity

got a glass-house dream, afraid i'm gonna break it.

if you never try, how the fuck you gonna make it?

if you want something bad enough you need to picture it, specific,

like the sun setting majestically over the pacific.

then naturally the universe will draw you toward that object,

and it doesn't matter what you gotta go through, if you want it.

not everybody sees it

you gotta believe it

if you don't have a goal, 

you can never achieve it.

so dive in head first

followin your passion

hopin that it won't produce the opposite reaction

i know what you'll say

it sounds so cliche

i bought my first car,

headin south to L.A.

Created: Jun 09, 2012


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