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i’m sorry if this hurts;
i shouldn’t be surprised because
this never works.
but i will try again and again because
it’s easier than just leaving things
alone to mend and
the silence is larger than life up here
and oh dear,
i think i knew you better, my dear. 

help me now, i’m all but lost;
my head’s in the clouds and i’m falling fast.
nothing i do can make this last,
i can try. 

you are an ocean, or maybe the sea…
i can’t breathe but you’re so close to me.
you are the tide, and you’re dragging me down below;
it’s a struggle to keep this girl above sea level.

the waterline rises with your chest and
i think you breathe salt and seaweed.
i’m searching for somewhere i’ve never been
help me now, bring me home again.

Created: Jun 08, 2012


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