Edinburgh Autopsy

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 I adore this Collab, but never figured I'd contribute anything. Then one day I visited Scotland... I was tromping through Greyfriar's Bobby & a few other graveyards, and what I snapped photos of made a little verse come to mind:

"Edinburgh: Sacred to the memory of the horny, hungover, habitual, homeless & hungry."

Understand that I love Edinburgh's many facets so much that I'm leaving London's arms to return there to stay until the end of July. I haven't been so moved by a city since I visited Paris. Everyone loves Edinburgh, so they say... I shall not be the one disagreeing :D

** rowrowrow's music added for the singular purpose of me loving it, rather than for a shoddily-attempted editing effect**  :p

Created: Jun 08, 2012

Tags: scotland, booze, edinburgh, heroin, city autopsy

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