Too Powerful to Touch (Boom!)

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To whom it may concern, but primarily the world,
I just wanted to drop a couple lines considering all that has unfurled.
Felt the need to remind you of what you already know,
Because yesterday you may have forgotten since I was feeling low.

The past couple weeks have been feeling kinda rough,
But I just have to tell you that I can’t get enough.
Had to dodge a couple bullets cause my motivation had been shot,
And thank you for sending them my way for the piece of mind I’ve caught.

I’m just gonna tell you that I’m beautiful inside and out,
Tell you that I’ve got the strength to make it through this drought.
I’ve got the gift God gave me so bright you see me shine,
Got an attitude so positive you can only call it mine.
I’ve got something in me as special as the dawn,
To help guide me through the darkness and find a way to carry on.

World you may have noticed and stepped all over me,
Abandoned and ignored every single desperate plea,
Took advantage and gave me reason to think I had had too much,
But world I'm just gonna let you know I’m too powerful to touch.

Created: Jun 06, 2012


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