Streetside Lullaby

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                               Streetside Lullaby,

                                            Jason Webb 


When  the burn starts to hurt, the tears don’t come first

Just thought too make it stop

And you feel out of sorts but the fear is the court

And your rulings to feel the pain

Til your sleeping

Til you dream

Til your wishing

Life away

You’ll find the change

You’ll find the bus

You’ll find time and you’ll cuss

When your luck starts to fold

And The heats all run cold

Know theres always another day

                                  Another Sunrise, Another Car Ride

                                Another Chance to change the rules 

                           Another days end, tomorrow from the top

                                   Another kiss that makes it stop

And your breathing

When your sleeping

Hearts a beating

To the breeze



Created: Jun 04, 2012

Tags: breeze, calmness, second chance, breathe love, tiny love

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