Raw Footage 1: Flying_iPhone_Jet_Engine

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This is the first of several raw cellphone videos (720p 29.89 fps) I took from my window during a cross country plane flight. There decent, but shakey at times (some of the clips also have odd motion scanning distortion). I'll upload a couple of other examples (maybe as many as six of the clips) and then upload the entire set as a clip. I'm also thinking, if I have time, of sending various of the clips through the warp stabalizer, and maybe some frame rate changes, in adobe AE 5.5, and reup. Sound on pretty much all of them is jet noise, so I haven't bothered to do anything to it, and any treated versions will likely have no sound. This is a raw asset, intended for remixing.

Created: Jun 04, 2012

Tags: flight, aerial, flyover, resource, raw, aerial view, for remixing, sky, airplane, plane, cellphone

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