Until There Was You

By atomsonbroadway

Just wanted to submit this to the Inception dream doc under the "falling" category. The lyrics are based on a dream I had in which I fell out of an airplane, floated through clouds for what seemed like years, and then was saved when some sort of angel/demon thing showed up and stapled feathers to my back that he had plucked from his own wings. Anyway...


I had no emotion
Only language and corruption
Until there was you

Felt hands are burning memories
Bare feet dangle through cloud bellies
Some skin-fueled sunset

You're made of such great angles
They cut and sew up parts of
Nine feathers stapled to your spine

The wind will carry us now
Your halo collects us all
Your orb of ardent quills

I blink inside out again
Fast angels fall and then
Until there was you

Until There Was You

Created: May 05, 2010

Tags: atoms on broadway

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