The Maiden's Skydive

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Standing on cliff’s edge at this needlepoint

I want to see you dive into the rocking waves below

Free-fall, base-jump into the greys that pool

Believing a future we will never really know

Spin your web little fly-by-night

Spinnerette, in her ebb and flow

Consciousness on the tide of starry some-times


And I want to see the clouds rolling by

Overhead as the sun passes through phases

Like an overgrown honeydew

And I want to see all the tears you've ever cried

For I will lift you up and never shall ask again

To see the glittering jewels behind your eyes


And I will see you naked before the judgement's gate

And I will see the day you rue the lies

And truth spills like dust from lips parched by love's remorse

And I will see thee as beauty's shelf,

Divest of all your clothes and layers like one as new-born from a dream


What do you want of me? What do you want of me?

And I will see the clouds rolling by

Over honeysuckle skies

And you will open your closed-off mind

There will never be a day quite as lovely as this twice

See the sky, live your life

See the maiden's skydive

Created: Jun 04, 2012


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