A Nightmare In Rap Minor

By MattConley

This is my first attempt at creating a dream RECord for the "Inception" collaboration.

Well, it's more of a nightmare. And this nightmare is set to rap music by Phonontek/KamPAIGN.

A Nightmare In Rap Minor

Created: May 05, 2010

Tags: blood, death, scream, nightmarish, mansion, hallucination, killed, black and white, gritty, dark, horror, black, b&w, white, dreary, girl, giveemhellkid, victim, manor, haunted, nightmare, fall, instrumental, attack, hip hop, running, falling, guy, grab, hip-hop, rap, violent, car, violence, malice, hand, predator, yell, struggle, dream, house, beat, candle, suspense, kampaign, thriller, kill, killer, phonontek, people, run

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