RE: Inception Dream Doc

By Joe

INCEPTION is coming out soon, and in conjunction with its release, they're making a documentary on dreams. I suggested that hitRECord contribute to the project. See the collaboration page here -- This is gonna be fucking awesome.

The documentarian directing it is a guy named Roko Belic. He and I recently sat down to discuss how we can best throw our flavor into the mix.

Largely, it seems he's looking for dreamy visuals for cutaways. He mentioned five archetypal dreams and asked us to create visual/graphic/animated/cinematic interpretations.

1. Inappropriate Dress
2. Teeth Falling Out
3. Flying
4. Being Chased
5. Falling

If you want to shoot a whole short film out of any of these dreams, that's great. But it's also great to contribute your brick in the larger wall. Draw a picture, take a photo, animate a moment.

Also, Roko hasn't chosen any music yet, so the more dreamy sounding stuff we can throw his way, the more likely our tunes can make up this doc's score.

Also also, even if you don't make any videos, images or music, you can still really help by browsing through the RECords we've already got on our site and finding stuff you think might work for this project. Find dreamy, surreal, beautiful visuals -- still images are good, but video is even better. Find dreamy music or soundscapes. Compile an Album of the RECords you find, and contribute that album to the Collaboration.

I'm so grateful and happy to be a part of Inception -- I think you guys are really gonna love the movie. And I can't wait to see what we all make together.

Sleep to dream...

RE: Inception Dream Doc

Created: May 05, 2010


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