My response - to Vedder and Lil'Sis (alias kittykat687)

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Where is heaven? asked the man

Well, we said that dead people ascend to heaven
by heaven, we means the sky
and where is the sky, exactly?
Right, we don't really know
cause it's nowhere
also, I heard that it is now here...

And you, little dove
8 times
Life can be so cruel for a lovely young lady
but you didn't, you couldn't
You suffered, though
I can't imagine how much
but you prefer live
you choose life

Life hurt sometimes
but suffering makes us stronger
you may know that, I hope
we can learn only in the defeat
not in the victory

I think you're brave, little dove
I really do

Believe in your good star, little dove
and when you can't - cause it can happen
be sure SHE always believes in you

Created: Jun 03, 2012


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