Elspeth's reRECs 6.03.12

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Well, Holy Crappio! I haven't done one of these since February or so...  and it's technically Sunday  :p

At the moment, I'm lounging negligently in the kitchen of the hostel that I'm staying at in Merry Olde Eng-er-Land, completely enjoying the fact that I have nothing better to do besides be ridiculously happy during my extended holiday. 

 Ultra Short & Sweet then, since I suck & haven't dove in anywhere near the deep end of the RECord pool over the past couple of months. Apologies  :(  


This week's reRECs include:


1. Battleplan by Metaphorest. Quite REmixable, indeed! Monkeychow has lept in and offered up a couple of lovely audio REmixes (I'm a fan of #787897). What else do we have for ideas? :D

2. Malibu (Structure?)  by mtbrd. REstructured & desirous of some delicious intrumental/vocal fillers. I just like to sit and draw dancing stick people to it (well, stick people are ALL that I draw any more, when I draw at all, so that's actually saying a lot).

3. Overcast by Robo_j.  In the comments of his RECord, Sir Beardo gave an example of what we might envision while listening to this-- and I really like the idea of cutting together images & video to carry out the proposed theme, as well as play out any other ideas folks might have.  

4. Little Foxes (I Am 1954 Vocal) by I_Am_1954. I'm kinda obsessed with this song, at every stage. I was hoping to someday see a solid connection between audio/video/etc. for this. What's out there for subtle/double entendre footage/imagery that can be used to visualize this? 


1. Mimic (Tiny Story) by TheSerpentTheCharmer. Gah, I love this, and I couldn't tell you why. I can see a perfect illustration for this in my head, but alas! My mental pencil isn't very handy at all. Anyone else up for a right-proper sketching?  :D

2. Heaven (A Tiny Question) by Vedder. My eyes light up & do whirlygig things when I contemplate the answers, illustrations, Tiny Tunes, and other awesomnesses that could arise from this.


And now... I'm off to make some Good Mischief.

So, this isn't all, but this is it for me, for the moment.

Cheers & Happy RECording <3


Whoops! Just noticed I did this as a text RECord again... Mrrrp :p




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