Open Arms

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I found this amongst my study papers, dated 2003. A recording of this song also exists, which has since been uploaded to hitRECord.

Detached from your own shadow

You wander with an absent mind

Looking but you're not seeing

It's like you left your soul behind

Conversation is wasted

Your wilting voice is not your own

Your smile's the saddest that i've seen

Your tears have soaked you to the bone

I offer you an open door

A kiss to bring the fever down

And open arms to cradle you

I always love when you come 'round

I offer you some peace of mind

And open arms to ease the strain

Never been more sure of this -

The sunny days are worth the rain

Created: May 04, 2010

Tags: chorus, lyrics, verse, composition, Noiseworker, song, music

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