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1. What´s your favorite colour? it has always been black and still remains 2. What´s your favorite food and dessert? seafood, and anything with chocolate 3. Do you have animals? a dog: boots, and a fish tank full of of my wet friends 4. What would be the first thing you do, if Hitrecord starts a "Hitrecord Community Party"? find an excuse not to go,..i hate crowds :( 5. What´s your favorite drink? water, im so plain i know 6. What´s your favorite series on tv? (It doesn´t matter if the show is new or old) my so called life which started my love of clair danes 7. Have you ever been traumatized, shocked or impressed by a movie? to many to list 8. Star Wars or Star Trek? sorry kids, n/a 9. What would you do if you had 1.000$ ? a the possiblities, my my luck would prevent this from happening 10. What are your fears? FROGS, TOADS 11. What (famous) artist impressed you the most and affect your work? n/a 12. If you had one day off, in the middle of the week, what would you do? take a hike  13. What´s your favorit season? fall, love all the colors and smells and activities 14. What disgusts you the most? lying, and jealousy BONUS Question 15. What was your last concert? braid paisly 16. Are you a great cooker or baker? sucky cook, but great baker 17. What do you do to help the enviroment? recycle, use enviroment friendly products 18. What song are you listening right now, or what song is on your mind right now? dont stop, foster the people 19. What was your first CD you bought? nirvana 20. What kind of music you heard, that has been embarrassing to you now? n/a

Created: Jun 01, 2012


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