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Back in January, I did a presentation on the site at a freeform conference called Podcamp. Unfortunately, they stuck a person who wanted to show a bunch of videos in front of a big honkin' window on a sunny day, and across the room from another presentation. It wasn't ideal. All the video I showed was pretty washed out, and it was hard to put the volume high enough that it wouldn't disturb the other presentation. I had two people get up and read tiny stories, which was fun!

I have video of my whole presentation, but honestly, I can't stand to watch myself talk enough to edit it all together. Haha. Also I don't know that anyone here would be very interested in seeing video of me telling you what you already know! If someone really wants to make a good edit (for some reason!), I might be convinced to zip up the raw video.

The sound was better on my camera. I could have cut the audio, but honestly, my computer was sort of choking on the video. Making sure audio and video matched up would be nearly impossible.

Huge thanks to Michael Lei, who brought his camera down specifically for my presentation and supplied the video for the shots from the back of the room.

Also huge thanks to missamerica who created the Evolution video for Strawberry Bootlaces to show at this presentation! If you're wondering what I showed people, there's an album resourced here of everything I either screened or was in my slides.



Created: Jun 01, 2012


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