Unnecessary Things I Worry About.

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  1. When I wake up in the middle of the night and decide it’s too hot to be wearing flannel pajama bottoms, I’m too afraid to take them off because there’s always a chance I could wake up with my house on fire and have to run outside and live with the fact that all of my neighbors and town fire department have seen me with no pants on.

  2. Someone will hack into the camera on my iPhone and be able to see me while I’m sitting on the toilet catching up on my tumblr/hitrecord/facebook newsfeed.

  3. My air conditioner will break on one of the days my house looks like it belongs on an episode of hoarders, leaving me to either clean my house in 90 degree heat or allow a repairman to see how filthy my house sometimes can be.

  4. The smoke alarm’s batteries will die while my husband is out of town for work, and I’ll be stuck listening to its beeps for days because I don’t know how/can’t reach to change them.

  5. Drive-thru windows.

  6. Spelling mistakes, so I double check things with dictionary.com almost daily.

  7. Playing Draw Something against a friend and feeling dumb for not knowing something totally obvious because I live in a bubble and don’t even know who Skrillex is.

  8. I will die and someone will have to go through all of the things from my childhood/teenage years that I didn’t necessarily mean to keep, just was too lazy to ever sort through and throw out. Example: I found an old jewelry box of mine from around 4th grade and opened it to find a bunch of used fake fingernails and a snail shell.

I’m pretty sure this list will be updated often.


(I originally posted this on tumblr but thought parts of it might have remixing potential (voiceovers, animated shorts or short films, tiny story inspiration).

Created: May 31, 2012

Tags: anxiety, worries, worry, secrets, fears

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