My One Phone Call

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I finally snapped.   I jumped the train.  The man has locked me up

They issued me a gray jumpsuit, utensils and a cup

I’ve really done it this time, might be time to make amends

Before the inmate next to me decides we’re more than friends.


Society is disturbing me, the choices they do choose.

Legal battles, politics- all tends to be lose-lose

If our fathers’d seen us now, seen what a mess we’ve made,

They may have sailed back east to England and ever there remained.


As I crouch down in this cell, don’t want to reach the floor

I know the circumstance is poor, there’s GOT TO GOT TO GOT TO be more

The dimming lights are flickering; they travel down this drafty hall

And I’ve got hope again tonight for soon I get my one phone call.


I know the number well as it’s been dialed just a time or two.

A motor skill to punch the keys of chipping, silver hue

I’m calling you now.  I called you then.  Yeah, you’ll know what to do.

Three rings, then you answer.  I say, “Hey, what’s new with you?”


“Not much,” you say.  I turn away my mouth from the receiver.

You know the situation’s grim as you hear background features.

“It’s late.  It’s cold,” I’m being told.  I give him the location.

I’m only sensing warmth.  Your words of peace, they end frustration.


Your scarf is red.  You stand alone.  I walk to meet you at the door.

You’ve brought my hat and gloves because you know of this day’s awful war.

We walk past hate and chilling loss to make it to the train.

They have no end, but for tonight, I am revived again.

Created: May 31, 2012


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