i want ice cream - hitRECord vending machine spot

By moonbug

Samurai Erika has had a long day at work.

She’s just gotten off the phone with a difficult client who was truly unhappy about something that she couldn’t... quite... piece together. She squints at the computer for a moment, a look of puzzlement, followed by a realization and then… utter exasperation!

She slumps onto her desk for a moment then raises her head up as a thought balloon appears above her head. A delicious ice cream cone floats sweetly in the cloud.

She grabs a scrap of paper and scribbles a drawing of herself at her desk complete with ice cream balloon and the following words:

“It’s late. I’m tired. I want ice cream.

This sticky note is supposed to be for phone numbers.”

She sits for a moment with a defeated look on her face then impulsively she jumps up from the desk and heads down the hall, note in hand.

A look of determination is on her face.

She walks straight up to the vending machine with purpose.

She slips the tiny note into the dollar slot.

She hits the red RECord button with gusto!

She waits in anticipation. A jangly tune begins. Voices start singing her lyrics over what sounds like… Sarasota’s The Chiller.

“It’s Late. I’m tired. I want i- ice cream” gets mashed-up with “She’s got ice cream for brains. She’s a Chi-i-ller.”

Some crazy hitRECord creatures jump down and make their way under the plastic door flap to dance along with Samurai Erika to this smashing new re-mix!

Ice cream sandwiches come shooting out of the machine and ice cream trucks begin to encircle her head in a jubilant dinging and clanging cacophony!

She dances around catching the lovely deserts as she waves at the tiny hitRECorders hanging in rows inside the vending machine. Much excited activity as they clap, sing and wave to her while enjoying their own ice cream treats. Cheerfully they throw their heart tokens, which come tumbling out of the coin slot.

The heart tokens dance with the ice cream treats and the ice cream trucks and all of the hitRECreatures and everyone is very happy.

But Samurai Erika is happiest of all.

i want ice cream - hitRECord vending machine spot

Created: May 02, 2010


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