Regularity #21 - Transcript

By Damsel

So...... I have been the slackest hitRECorder on the face of the planet recently... and since I seem to be going through a dry patch I was trying to think of something to do, and then I remembered, back in my way crappier internet days, how much it would suck being on hitrecord and not being able to load any of the vids, so I thought, maybe we could start transcribing stuff more, so that hitrecorders not as lucky as I now am internetwise, can still catch the info and all the latest goss in as much detail as poss.

RegularJOE here.

Having returned to the REC room, first of all I apologise. I'm supposed to do one of these regularity videos every week and it's been about two weeks, or a little more. It's the first time I've really slipped on that. Um... This badly. [laugh]

But I'm back now. I'm gonna make up for- My animals got sick. The REC room's been malfunctioning. That's no excuse, that's no excuse!

But yeah, I managed to play drums along with a beautiful song by Pixel Pilgrim. She called it Must Love Harry Potter. I called mine Soul & Serotonin. You can call yours whatever you want. We'll come up with a title eventually, but yeah, it could use a lot more parts. It sounds like the kind of thing that could just be really lush with all sorts of- You know, if you wanna sing along, or if you want to, uh, you know, play the glockenspiel [laugh] or any other damn thing. The song is such a story. I think you could make a great little short film or music video or whatever you want to call it.

Uh. And. I. Uh. Nnn. Umm.

Next week, going to announce a project that we're gonna get to do in conjunction with this movie I'm in. Inception. Which is coming out in July. Uh, which, is a really good movie. And then the project that we're getting to do is conjunction with it is, is gonna be really fun I think.

And what else? We are actually sending out checks! This weekend! Almost everybody has gone in and, ah, given us the necessary info, so that we can send out the checks and pay people for Sundance. I know it took us a little while but it is really our first time ever doing this, and watch, it's gonna go a lot quicker, um, coz we're gonna start getting together the same rigmarole for South By Southwest and pay people for that too.

And yeah. Thanks again.

Regularity #21 - Transcript

Created: May 02, 2010


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